The Dacorum Patients Group proposal for a new hospital in the West Herts area

 New Hospital Campaign

 1st February 2017 at Three Rivers District Council offices in Rickmansworth

About 50 people attended a public presentation by Gordon Yearwood (Dacorum Patient Group member).

Presentation (pdf)


At a packed public meeting in Berkhamsted's Civic Centre on 28th October 2016 the aims of the New Hospital Campaign were overwhelmingly backed. The Campaign is supported by the Dacorum Patients' Group (DPG) and the Dacorum Hospital Action Group (DHAG) and the meeting was its public launch. Everyone who completed a feedback form - agreed that a new efficient General Hospital should be provided on a centrally located site. The health bosses' plan to spend large amounts of money trying to develop the present inaccessible and inefficient facility at Watford, next door to the Premier League football ground, was decisively rejected.

Introducing the meeting, Graham Cartmell pointed out that even though they had identified a possible site for a new hospital at Kings Langley, the health chiefs had not engaged in any serious public consultation about it. "Our voice should be heard" he said.

In a detailed presentation, health planning expert Gordon Yearwood maintained that, whatever the health bosses' figures show, it would cost a lot more to redevelop the Vicarage Road hospital because of its very inefficient layout than to build a new hospital on a greenfield site. "They can pay consultants to prove anything" he said.

The meeting also heard from Berkhamsted town councilor Freda Earl regarding the closure of Gossoms End and DHAG Vice Chair Edie Glatter on the future of Hemel Hempstead Hospital. Those attending gave massive support to reopening 20 intermediate care beds at Gossoms End and for Hemel Hospital to keep all its present services and be expanded to include new community services.

Everyone was urged to sign and share the petition for a central new hospital on the government website at


 History - The People's Option back in January 2016

On Friday 29th January 2016 the Dacorum Patients Group held a public meeting to present, and receive feedback, on a new proposal to improve hospital facilities in the area. The meeting was lead by our member Kevin Minier, and our member Gordon Yearwood made the presentation. After the presentation, questions were taken from the audience and prominent people in the local area were invited to speak on the proposal. Below are a few photographs from the evening:


If the majority of those present support the proposal, it will be forwarded to the Chair of the "Your Care, Your Future" project which is run by our local NHS "Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group".


Subsequent analysis of the feedback forms said 96% of respondents supported the proposal and hence discussions are ongoing with stakeholders.

After further discussion with stakeholders the following presentation was made to the Health and Wellbeing committee of Dacorum Borough Council on 10 March 2016.

 Presentation 10 March 2016