The DPG Constitution, Rules and Terms of Membership


1. Committee.

  1. President

  2. Chair

  3. Vice Chair

  4. Secretary

  5. Treasurer

2. Constitution.

            a. This group shall call itself "The Dacorum Patients Group"

b. Its aim shall be to collect, sample and quantify patients' views, wishes and concerns about local NHS delivery in the Dacorum area and present these findings to the management of the local NHS services and to other influential bodies in order to stimulate a patient centred approach to planning and service delivery.

c. It will do this principally through the group web site, polling and survey techniques and engaging with practice patients groups.

d. Communication to members shall be principally via email. The group will not engage in large scale paper based communication with members unless funding permits.

e. There shall be a yearly Annual General Meeting to elect officers, and extra-ordinary general meetings at the discretion of the committee.

f. Membership is open to anyone registered with a Dacorum GP or with a postal address in the area of Dacorum (see rules of membership) and on acceptance of the current constitution, rules and terms of membership of the group. Members should provide an email address for correspondence. Members shall have rights to vote at AGM and Ordinary Meetings, and may pose questions at meetings (these must be submitted in advance via email to the Chair)

g. The Group shall be affiliated to Community Action Dacorum, and this shall be its formal address along with the Chair's address.

h. Committee Meetings will be held as appropriate to the regular and effective conduct of business, and in any case at intervals of not less than 8 weeks. A quorum shall consist of at least 2 Officers and 2 Members and these meetings shall be open to all members to attend.

i. A Building Society Account shall be set up to initially hold funds; Treasurer and Chair and up to two other officers will be signatories to this account. This arrangement will be reviewed as and when financial circumstances require other arrangements.


  1. With the exception of co-opted members, residency within or near the general Dacorum Borough area is a requirement. Beyond this restriction the group acknowledges and supports equality of opportunity for all residents of the area wishing to take part in this initiative and wishes to look for imaginative and innovative ways to engage with and represent diversity.

  1. Each postal address quoted may be used to support no more than 5 memberships unless agreed by the committee.

  1. Email addresses must be current and verifiable as active. It is a duty of members to notify changes of address and to ensure that junk mail filters etc are set to identify Dacorum Patients Group (DPG) emails correctly.

  1. The register of members' postal addresses exists purely to verify the membership to independent scrutineers; it is the duty of the group to maintain the confidentiality of this role and prevent its use for any other purpose.

  1. Email addresses will be used purely for DPG group business and will not be shared with any 3rd party without the explicit consent of the members concerned.

  1. Resignation of membership must be made to the secretary at the group's formal address (this includes email options); resignation will require the group's officers to remove both postal and email addresses from the group's records within 4 weeks. An 'unsubscribe' facility will be included in email group communications.

  1. All work undertaken by the group, or by members on its behalf must have the consent of the committee, and be included on its current work plan.

  1. All reports, letters, statements, communiqués etc issued by the Group must first have the approval of at least 2 of the elected officers, this to include either the Chair or Vice Chair.

  1. Any member whose conduct infringes these rules and brings disrepute upon the group may have their membership immediately suspended.

  1. The membership of Dacorum Patients' Group shall provide the electorate from which Dacorum Locality Patient Representatives to Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) shall be elected.

         Nominations for patient representative posts shall be submitted to the Chairman prior to the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting if required. Elections shall be carried out with an agreed procedure and under the supervision of an external scrutineer.

  1. Nominations for Herts Valleys CCG Board and committees can be made at any time to the Dacorum Patients Group who will forward these, through their representatives, to the Herts Valleys CCG PPI committee. The Herts Valleys CCG PPI committee is responsible for elections/nominations to these Herts Valleys CCG committees.

12. Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given to all members with a minimum of 14 days notice.

13. Other rules and regulations may be added following a full committee meeting at which all elected officers are present.

Approved and unanimously adopted at committee meeting 4th December 2007, 4 Greenway, Tring

Revised and updated at AGM 17 February 2010 St John's Church Hall, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead

Revised and updated at AGM 17 January 2013, Education Centre, Verulam Wing, Hemel Hempstead Hospital, Hemel Hempstead