About us

Who are the Dacorum Patients Group?

We are a voluntary and independent group of local residents who are interested in the effective provision of health and social care in Dacorum, working to encourage ordinary people to make their views and concerns known.

We have an in-depth understanding of how to present information to the NHS and local authorities and have a strong track record in getting the patient and carer’s view heard.

Is there a health or social care services issue you would like to bring to our attention?
Please get in touch with us and we will respond and or post relevant information on this website.

What are we doing?

Gathering views from patients

Identifying and raising any areas of local concern.

Collecting, sampling and quantifying patients’ views, desires and concerns about local health (NHS) and social care delivery in the Dacorum area.

Presenting any findings regarding patients’ and carers’ views to the local health and social care providers.

Ensuring that the patients’ and carers’ voice is heard on all health and social care matters.

Working with GP practice Patient Participation Groups (PPGs), special patient groups, and Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

Identifying and spreading best patient and carer management practice within GP practices.

Always keeping patient and carer needs at the heart of any discussion.

Ensuring that patients’ and carers’ needs are central to any health and social care decisions.

Actively reviewing the provision of health and social care

Members of our group represent patients and carers on a number of NHS and local authority committees:

  • Patient representation on the Herts Valleys Patient & Public Involvement Committee
  • Patient representation on the Dacorum Locality Committee and Dacorum Locality Board (one of the 4 localities that make up Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • Attending consultation meetings on changes to health and social care provision.

Influencing the provision of health and social care

  • Writing to MPs/councillors with the strength of a large group of patients behind each letter/comment
  • Writing to key personnel within the NHS
  • Working closely with the HVCCG patient representatives to the Board who have the opportunity to put forward patient views
  • Working with our links with local media to give a high profile to key issues.